Gantt view: sort options for release records

The new Gantt view provides helpful options for sorting records within a release which is great (e.g. sort phases and features). It would be helpful to also have sort options for the release records (e.g. sort the releases by release start date, release date).

The ability to manually sort is helpful. Though, with a long list of releases, it's time consuming to manually reorder releases by release date or release start date. Using the 'Reset to default view' does sort by release date, but then I lose the other changes I've made (e.g. hiding features, etc.).

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  • Jan 16 2020
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Release time frame
  • Mar 30, 2020

    Admin Response

    It is now possible to sort all releases on the Gantt chart by start date, end date, release date, or alphabetically. You can find these options by clicking the customize icon in the header. As before, you can also drag and drop to sort individual releases.

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  • Don Fifer commented
    17 Jan 14:54

    Being able to sort the the gantt view in various methods will assist in presentation efforts with different stakeholders.  It will also assist in the analysis of product work as it relates to resource allocation and prioritization.

  • T McCollum commented
    17 Jan 20:11

    Agreed! Also it wasn't intuitive that I could manually sort. Good to know! I have to many to sort manually though but still helpful.

  • M McKenny commented
    20 Jan 14:27

    Manually sorting would be very helpful when wanting to view releases based on a priority, rather than a release date. Even the ability to flag a release as "sticky" to keep it above the automatically sorted items could be helpful. This would allow large releases that require many features to not allows get buried below smaller, "easier", releases.

  • Don Fifer commented
    31 Mar 13:23

    Awesome! Can't wait to get in and try it out.