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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Lindsay Zandy
Created on Jun 4, 2022

Ability to prioritize releases

The views for Releases are inconsistent. The details view, Gantt and Features board all place them in a different order and they don’t behave in the same was as other records. For example, in the Details view with the cards on the left, I can’t reorder the releases but you can in the same view for ideas, initiatives, goals, etc.

Use cases:

  • We have an approved Initiative or Epic and then decide how we can incrementally deliver value towards related goals. We create several releases and can assign dependencies between them but need to be able to prioritize the list of releases so the team knows which releases to plan our features for first. That priority order needs to be consistent across all Release views, especially the Feature board where the teams would plan the Features and pull them into Releases.

  • another approach for use case above would be we plan out Features first in Feature Board and they live in the parking lot. We then group them by theme or by the value we can deliver for customers and create releases in that view. In current state, we need to be mindful of what order we create the releases in so that the most important is first and on the left. This is very restricting. Would need ability to create releases then reorder them on the screen.

  • need ability to add scorecard to release to rate the value vs effort (already available) then have the Gantt, Features board and release details either default to a sorting by score or ability to manually sort by the score.

Release records are at the heart of delivering value for customers, tracking progress and organizing work. Without the ability to score, prioritize and sort them, the team wastes time trying to acclimate to different views and figure out what’s most important. It also creates tech debt by requiring custom layouts for scoring and custom views to see releases in order which aren’t accessible from the top toolbar and take extra clicks to get to.

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  • Kalyndra Craven
    Aug 19, 2022

    Mostly need the ability to drag and drop releases based to reorder in priority on the Release Details screen, as is possible with other card lists within the system. In addition, if this sort option could carry over to the Gantt view alongside start date, name etc. then different views could either be aligned or different, based on user need for that view.

  • Lindsay Zandy
    Jun 4, 2022

    Also if you can get release record to behave like initiative, goal, idea then there should be a chart related to the scorecard where you can have meaningful discussion around trade offs and deprioritizing releases based on their relative score to one another and how they plot on the chart.