Integrate existing FogBugz cases into Aha! as features (similar to JIRA 2way integration)

This will allow teams that use FogBugz to onboard to Aha! easier, without having to orphan FogBugz cases already entered that cannot speak back to Aha! through the current FogBugz integration.

  • amy kennedy
  • Jan 5 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • amy kennedy commented
    February 15, 2016 14:35

    The FogBugz webhooks can now be more nuanced in terms of event types to which the integrating services can respond.

  • Ted Quinby commented
    29 Jan 16:49

    We've been using Fogbugz for far longer than we've been using Aha!. We have a wealth of existing potential new features in Fogbugz that we are unable to link to Aha given the current state of the FB integration. Essentially, the Fogbugz integration is not useful to us in its current form -- it's far too limited in terms of fields passed between the two and is completely reliant on all features originating in Aha which is not realistic in our workflow.