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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created on Feb 27, 2017

Two-factor authentication for the integration Aha! to JIRA

Quoting my mail replying back to Brian deHaaff:

Hi Brian,
thanks a lot for the offer to help with my onboarding – the idea to trigger this communication from the Founder / CEO indeed transports a feeling of importance that makes it hard not to respond ;-) So here’s some feedback:
I’m not really involved in the actual requirements gathering and organisation, but my team is responsible for the work tools that our section is using. Aha! is the newest addition in this area.
The task that we are currently struggling with is the integration of Aha! to our JIRA installation. Due to security requirements of our internal security department, we had to start using two-factor authentication for JIRA – client certificates and password. This is unfortunately not supported by Aha! at the moment – so we will need to make JIRA available via an additional IP and use white labelling in order to comply with our security department.
Integration between different work tools is – at least from my perspective – becoming a more and more crucial asset of any new tool, so it would be great to have more flexibility in this area whilst still meeting common security requirements. I’m not sure if this is already on your roadmap (actually the communication that I have seen so far, suggests it isn’t), but it might be worth to add more flexibility in this area.
Best regards
    Jan 7, 2020

    Thank you for your idea. It is now possible to authenticate the Jira integration using an API key rather than username and password.

    Given that security improvement and historical support for this idea, we are unlikely to implement this. We hope you can understand.

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