Allow Aha! and JIRA integration with SSO users

We currently use Google SSO for our JIRA system. The Aha! integration however requires a username/password user account & not an SSO user.

I need to be able to use an SSO user for the integration, since that is the only option that our JIRA provides in terms of user creation..

  • Sam Kerr
  • Apr 26 2017
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  • warren lester commented
    December 07, 2017 12:37

    This recently caused a great deal of frustration, whereby a user had changed their AD password, but was then getting authentication errors when trying to push an update to jira.


    It would be great to be able to choose whether a push is done under the credentials of the currently logged in user (SSO or otherwise).

  • Ishan Kumar commented
    03 Jan 17:30

    We have the same issue. We use SSO with our employee directory to allow users in to Jira. There are no local users accounts on Jira and Aha cannot follow the redirect to authenticate the user. Our Jira team is asking us to consider using another PM planning tool instead. 


    Is there alternative approach (third party tool?) that we can get Aha and Jira integrated?

  • Ishan Kumar commented
    25 Apr 20:35



    Is there are separate idea being tracked for SSO with Jira Server?

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    27 Apr 23:20

    We have heard from at least one customer that the latest version of Jira Server does include the API tokens functionality. Since this is functionality in Jira you should direct your question to Atlassian.

  • Ishan Kumar commented
    27 Apr 23:53

    I will! Does your Jira server integration support API token access as well?

  • Ishan Kumar commented
    28 Apr 01:03

    Hi Chris,

    I looked around Jira documentation and I could not find any evidence of
    Jira server supporting API token. Could you provide any documentation? I
    need supporting information please. Otherwise, I consider this request
    unanswered and in need of a feature enhancement.

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    30 Apr 23:38

    I am not able to find where the API Tokens capability is described in the Jira Server release notes, however I can't find it in the Jira Cloud release notes either, and it is definitely available there.

    I would recommend contacting Atlassian and asking what version of Jira Server contains the capability.

  • Ishan Kumar commented
    03 Aug 19:46

    In case anybody else reads this thread, there is not, as of Jira Server 7.11, a API Token method to access Jira Server (on-prem). Aha now has documentation stating so despite what is in this thread as stated by Aha Support and that one customer.