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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Karie Kelly
Created on May 28, 2022

Jira integration user name

In both Jira and Aha!, you need to have a user that has the appropriate permissions which is often a highly privileged user.

However, when setting up the integration, there is no way to indicate an alias name to use for the integration. Consequently, of the actions that result from the integration sync appear to be done by that user and that user is constantly being asked 'why' the change.

The desired outcome is to allow an alias name to be used to surface in the history so that it is clear on both the Jira and Aha! side that the updates were made by the integration and not the actual user.

The workaround is setting up a separate user - not only does that consume a license, it still requires people to have access to that setup fo credentials for the token management and there is no traceability as to who logged in then with that 'user' should those credentials get hacked.

It's also a challenge when you have the systems setup with your own internal SSO solution that is not 'keen' on having shared users due to similar security concerns.

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