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Created on May 15, 2015

JIRA integration without admin account rights

At the moment, for the JIRA integration the JIRA account used to connect must have admin rights. This doesn't work for our security protocols because that would mean we're opening up access to secure projects that live in the same JIRA instance that we may not want to.

Rather, permissioning the other way around would be better. So, the ability to use a JIRA account with minimal user permissions that we then permission on our end to configure which JIRA projects we want to grant access to.

Without this, we cannot integrate JIRA and Aha! causing significant manual overhead and potential for human error.

    May 15, 2015

    The JIRA admin permission is only necessary to create a custom field in JIRA. If you create that custom field before doing the integration then no special permission is necessary for the user account used in the integration.

    To create the custom field in JIRA:

    1. Create a new custom field in your JIRA instance. 
    2. The custom field must be a URL type and be named exactly "Aha! Reference." Aha! will use this field to store the link back to the related feature for each issue. 
    3. The field should be added to the default screen.

    Aha! will recognize this field next time you click "Test connection” and won’t try to recreate it.

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