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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Austin Churchill
Created on Aug 23, 2021

JIRA integration to track correct users in history of issues

Today the Aha JIRA integration will leverage the user account setup in the integration settings as the actor for all integration sends between the systems. This creates a lot of confusion for who actually made changes in one system or the other. For example, Employee 1 creates an Epic in Aha and it gets created in JIRA but shows that Employee 2 was the creator (since Employee 2 was setup in the integration settings). The only way to know who the actor creator is, would require navigating back to the origin system to check the record. This is not sustainable, nor will someone do this every time.

I recognize that not all Aha users are in JIRA and visa-versa but for the ones that are in both, we can leverage this feature. When a user is not in one system, you can default to the user in the integration settings.

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  • Austin Churchill
    Aug 23, 2021

    After submission, looks like this is similar to