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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 17, 2022

Fix field population in Aha/Jira integrations to only rely on email address or other specific data

Today when the Aha/Jira integration runs it looks up users in Jira based on email, then failing to find a match it checks first name, then last name. Jira returns results for these and Aha will select the first return. The problem is that if we have a user who leaves our organization, the field in Aha will remain populated with their information, but any lookup to the system will not return a valid email address. When the integration takes the next available name it is invariably incorrect, and assigns that field to the wrong individual.

This specifically happens with the Created by/Requested by fields. We have had numerous Jira epics assigned to completely the wrong people because when the the jira is set up, it grabs the wrong person instead of either throwing an error which we could manually correct, or just populating with the data from Aha, independent of what is in the Jira system.

Because neither of these systems are fully federated with a common directory, there is also no guarantee that fields other than email address are going to be the same - either for preference (first name/nick name/etc) or due to human error in setting up those accounts on either side.

It would be far better if the system generated an error rather than populate the field with bad data as is the current error case.

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  • Guest
    Jul 28, 2022

    As of now, the integration tries to match a user based on name if there is no exact match returned with the email search, instead of this - can we consider having an option to set a default user and set reporter to this default user if the original reporter is not found?