Integrations 2.0: Selectable behaviour for importing new records when multiple Aha! products integrate with a single JIRA project.

Often teams will integrate multiple Aha! products with a single JIRA project. Currently the import behaviour in 2.0 is you get 'n' number of import candidates which appear in the "Import New Records" modal for all integrated Aha! products regardless of which product the original objects were sent from.

It would be great if there was a way for Aha! to know which product the objects were sent from so importing objects could come straight back into the product.

Alternatively, as custom fields are often used to categorise the objects, having visibility of these custom fields visible as an attribute in the import window and being filterable would help to alleviate this so they can more easily import or ignore the incoming objects not intended for their product.

  • Justin Woods
  • Jan 23 2018
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  • Guest commented
    January 31, 2018 13:31

    This is absolutely necessary and I am surprised that this was something working properly with integrations 1.0. Just imagine having 20-25 odd products / product managers getting a single request populated for all of the products and then need to identify relevant one, import it and then ignore rest of them. That's a huge waste of effort unnecessarily. Please fix this on priority. It has messed up our entire effort of migrating onto Integrations 2.0!!

  • Guest commented
    February 09, 2018 08:12

    Dear Aha! team, please fix this as soon as possible. It was working fine for us with integration 1.0 and after the upgrade it is getting very messy now. Thank you

  • Jared Morgan commented
    February 16, 2018 02:49

    My current count is approximate 380 integration duplicates. 

    I have 6 product managers who now have the added task of completing busy work of importing issues when this was automatic in 1.0. 

    The real punishment here is that my product managers need to decide whether to import issues to their product lines because what was an automatic process is not totally manual. 

    If the issues are hanging off a linked epic that has a record in Aha, just import them. Or like Integrations 1.0 if give us granularity to set the "Auto Import mapped records" which  I think is the key piece of missing functionality here.

  • Jared Morgan commented
    February 22, 2018 23:44

    And the "fun" continues with this horrid part of Aha.

    One of the Product Managers decided to take care of the 260 integration updates appearing on his integration window for his Product.

    He accepted the changes for the 4 out of 260 changed that related to his project, and for the remaining 256 he selected them all and used the Ignore feature to clear them out.

    You'd think that would be fine.

    But it wasn't...

    From my end, I had a total of 1260 updates pending before this action, which spanned across all 6 product that shared the sync to the same JIRA board. 

    Once the Product Owner used "Ignore Selected" on his project, it cleared out the other 260 pending imports ACROSS ALL 5 OTHER PRODUCTS.

    So by doing what he thought was right, with absolutely zero UI feedback at the import screen, he toasted 256 records that had relevance to the other 5 product lines in the suite.

    it's a gross understatement to say that I wish I NEVER set up an Integrations 2.0 sync.

  • Prajakt Parab commented
    March 10, 2018 13:05

    You have no idea about the problems we are facing since this functionality is not available now. Surprisingly, it was exactly working as expected in version 1.0. Please fix this issue asap.

  • Roger Oliver commented
    March 11, 2018 03:53

    Yes, please fix this ASAP.  It’s hard to imagine this pass QA.  

  • Kevin Rose commented
    March 11, 2018 22:23

    This issue causes Sungard AS numerous problems with how we defined our Jira integration. Please fix ASAP!