Add an option to default the Feature Assignee to the creator

Why is it useful

We do reporting by feature assignee, as we have many product owners working on a single product in Aha.
Currently, since assignee is not on the create feature screen, often our PMs do not remember to go back and edit the feature, and add the assignee.

Who would benefit

All of product would benefit, as it would be very clear who was working on each feature.  In particular, when we have to follow up with a product owner (e.g. because the feature isn't estimated, they didn't assign it to an initiative, etc), it would be clear who to follow up with.

How would it work

This is related to
If we could get it on the create feature screen, that would be great, and if we could default it to the creator on that screen, that would be ideal.

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  • Sep 4 2015
  • Future consideration
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