Recompute or Re-sync logged story points (time) in a release.

A button, when pushed, would recompute the work done and work remaining in a release, based on the current status of feature or requirements within the release.

Presently, Aha's computation of work done is automatic and event-based, i.e., It happens automatically when a feature or requirement status changes to shipped. This is efficient in most cases. However, in some scenarios it gets out of synch and becomes a source of pain and uncertainty. Here are some of these scenarios:

1. Importing an existing epic from jira that has some issues already shipped. In this case, the work done on the shipped items in not logged (because there is no trigger) In our case, we use aha for high-level strategic planning, monitoring and reporting, while daily tactical and operational stuff is managed by several teams in jira. Often partially-finished bugs and improvement tasks in jira are promoted to epics and must be imported into Aha for monitoring and reporting purposes. Once imported, we have go through each task and re-ship the shipped items manually to synch the completed work.

2. When we first started using Aha, we integrated it with our existing jira issue base. After the first pull, we had to go through imported data and painstakingly reship the already shipped items. We have to do this every time we integrate an existing jira board in Aha.

3. If the end user, by mistake, changes the status to shipped, there is no way to 'un-log' the time, except to go to the estimate and manually perform the mathematics in the box.

4. If the end-user, by mistake, deletes a feature and wants to re-import from source, a manual trigger is needed to sync the logged work. Sometimes, there could be tens of requirements in a feature that might need a manual re-trigger if already shipped.

 I am perfectly OK to stop automatic update, in order to activate this manual mode. Perhaps shutting the auto mode off would help decrease some computation load off Aha servers.


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  • Apr 18 2019
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    01 Aug 23:35

    What?  Only two votes?  This would make life so much easier during the process of transitioning to Aha.  So many of the little nuances of Aha integration come back to bite you after you've poured tons of hours into building out and grooming your roadmap and features.