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Created on Oct 31, 2014

When sending a Feature to JIRA, automatically move the new JIRA epic/story into the JIRA project's Backlog

When we sync Aha! Features into JIRA, we're ready to begin planning sprints that will include the resulting JIRA epics/stories. Extend the JIRA integration so when new epics/stories are created from Aha!, automatically move them into the JIRA project's Backlog so they can then be added to a sprint during sprint planning.

This makes using Aha!-created epics/stories in JIRA a single-step action (i.e. Move epic/story from Backlog into sprint) instead of a two-step action (i.e. Move epic/story from JIRA project issue queue into Backlog, move epic/story from Backlog into sprint).

    Apr 6, 2016

    This is the current behavior for the integration with Aha! and JIRA. When sending a feature to JIRA, it is automatically moved to the Backlog and can also include the specified Fix version.

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  • Niveditha Jayaram
    Sep 11, 2019

    When we move "Release" to "Sprint" in JIRA.  All the features go and sit in backlog. 

    Is it possible to move to automatically to the sprint we want to ? If so, how can it be done ?


    I followed the below "


    Here it clearly says that we need to give same sprint name what is present in JIRA. So, that all the features are moved to the sprint . Or else if the sprint with same name does not exists it creates one . Which is quiet confusing  for me .


    Can any one help?