When sending a Feature to JIRA, automatically move the new JIRA epic/story into the JIRA project's Backlog

When we sync Aha! Features into JIRA, we're ready to begin planning sprints that will include the resulting JIRA epics/stories. Extend the JIRA integration so when new epics/stories are created from Aha!, automatically move them into the JIRA project's Backlog so they can then be added to a sprint during sprint planning.

This makes using Aha!-created epics/stories in JIRA a single-step action (i.e. Move epic/story from Backlog into sprint) instead of a two-step action (i.e. Move epic/story from JIRA project issue queue into Backlog, move epic/story from Backlog into sprint).

  • Gary Wu
  • Oct 31 2014
  • Already exists
Release time frame
  • Apr 6, 2016

    Admin Response

    This is the current behavior for the integration with Aha! and JIRA. When sending a feature to JIRA, it is automatically moved to the Backlog and can also include the specified Fix version.

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