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Status Future consideration
Created by peter isacsson
Created on Jun 8, 2023

Integration re-sync

Two improvement proposals to the Sync function in Aha to resolve out-of-sync periods like the ones we have experienced:

1. Introduce a command similar to “Resend all fields” but instead of letting Aha overwrite Jira, the new commend should let Jira overwrite Aha, but for a single record.
2. Introduce a smart “re-sync” command to re-sync individual records and/or the whole project, making sure that all out-of-sync changes are updated correctly in both tools, logging all changes in the history on both tools, and making sure the latest change is always the latest available data in each field, irrespectively of in which tool the latest change was made.

An first step towards these commands could be to provide a “consistency checker” function, that should compare the fields in Aha to the mapped fields in Jira and list which records have different values. This would be useful to find out if there are records that are out-of-sync or not.
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