Auto Resend all Fields per release

Right now, even after we manually click "Send to JIRA" for the first time for a release, subsequent changes to that release ( for eg. Addition of a feature under that release) do not automatically go through to JIRA. We'd want to have all changes for a release that was once force sent to JIRA, automatically sent to JIRA without having to click on "Resend all fields" button.

This is a feature request to add a new configuration setting that allows owners of a Product to have all their changes made on Aha  to be auto-sent to JIRA(or any other integration setup).

When we have setup a two way sync setup for a Product, we're aware that any change made on either of the systems would go through to the other system for which an integration has been setup. 

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  • Jan 7 2019
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  • Mark Taylor commented
    21 Feb 09:17

    This would be really, really useful. It will become unmanageable to the point some of users will not want to use it if ever time a new feature is created it has to manually be pushed to Jira.