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Created on Apr 15, 2015

Improved automatic pull of items from Jira to ensure strategic relevance of Aha!

As a product manager with an engineering team that uses Jira, I understand and appreciate that Aha aims to remove the temptation for anyone to "sneak" tasks into Jira rather than through the PM and Aha!.  The reality, though, is that agile sprints sometimes include a percentage of unplanned work - as a PM I want to always be aware of that work, with the ability to link it back to strategic (or not) initiatives.  As such, I am requesting that Jira items ALWAYS be synced back to Aha! in some way or another - be it into a parking lot-like column, or potpourri, with all of the information pulled from Jira possible.  To me, a tool such as Aha! loses a great deal of value if it gets out of sync with the platform being used for operations and development.

    Dec 14, 2017

    We have launched an enhanced Jira integration. This integration will give you the ability to import any new issues created for mapped issue types, along with several other new capabilities including the ability to:

    • Set record mappings for Aha! initiatives, releases, master features, features, and requirements and link them to nearly any corresponding record type
    • Map default or custom fields in Aha! to any “like” field and specify which direction the updates should flow (e.g. from Aha! or from Jira)
    • Automatically send outgoing changes from Aha! or choose to review and approve them
    • Import records directly from Jira to make getting started in Aha! easy
    Check out the blog post for more details.
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  • Adrian Benić
    Aug 22, 2015

    Couldn't agree more, have been battling with daily manual imports due to this issue.