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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Max Robbins
Created on Jun 17, 2024

Features workflow board - do not default group by assignee

What is the challenge?

My account has hundreds of users. Every time I go to the workflow board, it is grouped by assignee and this is not helpful since I am never looking at this work across all my users (if I ever do, it's just a subset of users who work in one workspace).

I then have to edit the settings of the view to show me not grouped by assignee. I need to make a saved report to have it keep the settings I want.

What is the impact?

Makes it hard for new users to quickly see a helpful view from the workflow board. Requires additional knowledge of report settings.

Describe your idea

Have grouping by assignee default turned off when you come to a new workflow board view. Users then can enable it as needed to make a view with assignee swimlanes, but this does not need to ve the default.

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