Remove assignee from features / workflow board

While I understand it's sometimes useful to have a pipeline of features spread by assignee, when I want to get the big picture, without having to consider the assignee as a separated lane. You should make it optional.

  • Jean-Baptiste Théard
  • Nov 27 2015
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    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    December 01, 2015 13:30

    Hi Jean-Baptiste, you can create a view such as this using the Pivot table. 

    • Column = status
    • Cell = feature

    Then you can save the view so that you can easily view it as needed. Could you try that and let us know if it solves the need?

  • Jean-Baptiste Théard commented
    December 01, 2015 13:38

    It somehow does answer my need; but still miss the nice pro of the workflow view : 

    • I love the column collapse
    • I love the switch for level of features detail
    • Drag and drop for status

    Ideally, I would also have meaningful order of cards from top to bottom just like we do in Trello so that the higher the card, the more points it has (I agree it's another feature).

    Thanks Suzanne

  • Peter Marshall commented
    July 12, 2016 20:05

    Yes, I'd love to see this as well.  Something about being able to see the big picture and dynamically interact with the board at the same time really facilitates the strategic thinking and decision making I want to do in the feature workflow.

  • Joey Delaney commented
    April 06, 2017 14:58

    This would be extremely helpful for a big picture view and the assignee could simply be visible on the cards themselves.

    The value of the workflow view is negated when work is spread across multiple assignee's.



  • Tom Beck commented
    November 10, 2017 18:42

    I'd sure like to see this moved to Planned.  I'm greatly in need of a way to view the state of feature development without being concerned with who is assigned to which features.

  • Jørgen Binningsbø commented
    January 03, 2018 11:47

    Rather than just having the option to remove the swimlanes based on "assignee", it would be more flexible to let me choose any attribute as basis for the swimlanes; ex "label",  "release quarter" or custom feature fields.

  • Natalie Hirsch commented
    March 30, 2018 13:31

    It's really important for us to work with unassigned features on the board. Agree with the other comments here that while the pivot table can give me insight into unassigned features, it misses the point of the columns, feature detail, and drag and drop for status. 

  • Robyn Diamond commented
    November 26, 2018 21:25

    Alternate: ability to customize what the swimlane is