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Created by Mats Hultgren
Created on May 23, 2024

Remove mistakenly added additional Integration

What is the challenge?

If adding additional Integration to workitem in Aha, I need to go through the whole process of first creating an additional integration (even if it is not needed) before I can remove the added one.
Potential, unwanted side effect is that a workitem is wrongly created in integrated service (ADO, Jira, etc) due to current solution. It then creates additional work since it needs to be manually backtracked/removed from the integrated service.

What is the impact?

Additional, mistakenly added integration field is not removable.

Describe your idea

Include "reverse" operation, ie possibility to remove additional integrations field in workitem if empty. Screenshot attached.

    May 24, 2024

    Thanks for reaching out about this idea.

    You can delete a linked record without having to add a new one. If you hover over an integration link, click the ... button:

    Then you can select "Delete link".

    I hope this helps! Please let us know if this is not what you were asking for, and we'll reopen the idea. Thanks!

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  • Mats Hultgren
    May 28, 2024

    Yes, I know of the management of the first integration, where what you describe is relevant. It was when I (by chance/mistake) click on the plus sign to add another integration that the scenario became relevant. In my case it was out of curiosity since I was trying to figure out the use case of when you actually wanted to add multiple integrations to a single workitem, that I discovered this small anomaly. No big deal, all's good.