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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Steve Dagless
Created on Feb 2, 2023

Provide help with consequences of merging custom fields

The Aha! KB article on merging and converting custom fields explains that there are implications for integrations and reports when merging fields. Specifically:

  • If an integration included the old custom field, you will need to update the field mappings to point towards the new custom field.

  • If reports (or for Aha! Roadmaps customers, roadmaps or custom worksheets) included the old custom field, you will need to update them to include the new custom field.

If the field to be merged is part of a long-standing implementation then there can be very many integrations and reports using the field. In our case there are potentially hundreds of integrations and we couldn't guess at how many reports have been created in a multi-thousand user base (including reviewers and viewers).

Finding and updating impacted integrations would be labour intensive but doable over time. However, Aha! does not offer any practicable solution for finding reports that use the field to be merged and together, these render the merge function redundant. Thus, making implementing new standards or general admin cleansing almost impossible.

The task of identifying where a field is in use is something that computers are particularly good at and humans are not so we would love Aha!s help in turning our admin lives from virtually impossible to blissfully easy.

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