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Status Future consideration
Created by Jeanette Resnikoff
Created on Jun 28, 2023

Report on custom fields used in integrations, reports and roadmap views

Today you can identify which layouts and workspaces custom fields are actively used in. However, when looking to manage a large number of custom fields across a large organization, there is no way to determine which integrations are using that custom field, and which reports and roadmaps are configured to use that custom field. This creates a challenge when consolidating custom fields, or making changes to a custom field that requires new integration mappings. It becomes impossible to know where you need to make additional changes.

Two examples: I introduce a new option for a multi-select field with options A, B, and C

  1. Options A and B are mapped in an integration, and now I need to map C. but I don't know where the multi-select field is used to map C if every integration is not based on a template

  2. The field in included in saved reports and roadmaps that serve as a standard. Option A is selected, but I need to include Option C now. Again, I don't know all the permutations of those saved views using that field to make adjustments

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