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Created by Ashley Tierney
Created on Jan 19, 2024

Support mapping Ideas Category custom field through integrations

Who would benefit?

Customers who want to send Idea Category information across their integration to their development team.

What impact would it make?

When customer adds ideas category field as a custom field to their records (i.e. epic, feature), they can map these Aha! fields to a custom field in their tool.

How should it work?

Support syncing like we do with the predefined tags field.

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  • Phil Knight
    Apr 17, 2024

    This is essential for a smooth integration with Jira. I'm forced to manually make updates at this point which is less than ideal.

  • Christian Kränzle
    Jan 23, 2024

    That would be really useful for us, as we are currently not able to integrate Jira and Aha seamlessly due to this limitation.

    We use Categories both in Aha! and Jira. In Aha! we use the field Category for ideas and the custom field of type "Idea categories field" for Initiatives and Epics. It works quite well, when promoting an idea to an Initiative or Epic, to carry over the Category to the Custom Fields.

    However, when we try to sync an Aha! Epic to an Epic in Jira, we cannot carry over the category, as the custom field is not available in the "Field Mapping" configuration. As Category is a required field in Jira, we even have to provide a constant value, which needs to be manually changed in most cases.