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Status Future consideration
Categories Product
Created by Noah Megregian
Created on Jul 1, 2020

Sync Record Fields - Idea / Feature / Epic

Our organization recently did an overhaul and added dozens of custom fields to ideas, features, and epics.

The vast majority of our records were created before the overhaul, which means most of the fields are blank.

We use the Idea Portal to update idea submitters (record type: idea). As we are going through our backlog of old features and epics, we are adding information to these empty fields.

The problem comes when we want to communicate the updated information to the idea submitter.

Currently, we have to copy information from the feature/epic record type, then paste it into the idea record type.

Possible solutions:
1. Add automation options that allow syncing between record fields (not just status).
2. Add a "Sync field with other records" button that overwrites information in the related records.
3. Something else thats better than copy/paste

We have ~ 1,000 of these records that have related ideas that we are updating as we go currently. Its a very slow process.

The 2nd business reason we want to make sure the data is in the related records instead of being blank is for reporting purposes. Many of our reports are now looking at these new fields, which are blank. This makes reporting much messier unless we only look at recent history.

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