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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Ben Bulow
Created on May 9, 2024

Enhancement to custom fields for ADO integration

What is the challenge?

Manual processes required

What is the impact?

Improve ability for automation

Describe your idea

"I have an ADO integration set up (one way) to allow me to raise requests to a team direct from Aha. However, they require a specific naming convention for their requests which combines a number of data points in Aha.

For example [BCT] #29977 Corporate Bond Fund - AMC increase - UK

I can easily create this in a calculation column with a formula

eg: string("[BCT]")+" #"+string(field("PIR #"))+" "+string(field("Release name"))+" - UK"However, it is not a field that can then be utilised to pass to ADO - as a result, I have to open ADO for every record and manually edit it - I have looked into using an automation to update the field upon record creation but this doesn't seem to work as I cannot pull in a field that's been set up.There are many use cases I can envisage for the ability to create derived or calculated fields that are attached to the record itself and expanding the tools there (eg: more functions/formulas!), based on data points already assigned to the release/record, etc - this could be a major enhancement. I would also suggest extending the ability of automation to allow custom updates (eg: "When record is created, update field with x,y,z)"

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