Option to ignore changes to Items that AHA does not know about.

We have joined Azure Dev Ops to Aha via the integrations.

In fact there will by 7+ Integrations due to the size of the portfolio.


We have restricted the webhooks so that:

  • New / Updates to (Release / Epic Work Item types)  are pushed to AHA from only one area path (the mapped path in the integration)
  • Features that are created in the same area path (a subset of the organisation) are also send (Work Item Created Webhook)


However Features can be worked on by 1 of many teams. 

This means they move outside of the area path.

Therefore the webhook has to send 'Work Item Updated' to AHA from any update to any Feature within the entire Organisation.


For features that AHA already knows about they are automatically approved. (The First Option in the Integration setup)

However when an Update is received, for a Feature that AHA does not know about it posts it into the Integration Updates queue. (See attached screen shot).

Giving us the option of:

  • Ignore Selected
  • Import Selected


This creates additional admin work and raises the possibility that things will get missed in the noise.

I think the Integration options could be improved:

  • Approve new records before importing.
  • Auto Import if they are children of previously known about items
  • NEW: Auto Import (as above) and ignore (i.e dont post into the Integration Updates) items that dont meet the criteria of above.


This will avoid unnecessary administration and confusion with POs who could 'Import Selected' by mistake and create lots of follow up admin.

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  • Nov 7 2019
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