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Status Future consideration
Created by Mats Hultgren
Created on Feb 13, 2024

Exportable list of orphaned workitems in Integrations update modal

Who would benefit?

Aha admins, dev lead

What impact would it make?

Improved collaboration, minimizing integrations admin

How should it work?

Use case: I want to inform and support development team creating Azure Devops work items on Requirement level without related Features ("orphans"), to update their end of the workflow in ADO. This could potentially be done by creating a workable export file based on a list report containing all or integration-specific selection of work items waiting to be imported into Aha.

Currently there is no obvious way to create a list/report from an Aha perspective. This is understandable since requirements hasn’t been created yet (stuck in the in-queue). And yet, it is somehow shown in the Integrations update modal.

Current workaround is to grab screenshots from the modal which isn't sustainable. The list of work items in queue also lack important data such as ADO reference id which would be helpful when communicating with dev team using ADO.

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