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Status Future consideration
Created by Josh Wayne
Created on Dec 21, 2021

Allow mapping fields from related records in Aha to Azure Devops

This idea is to allow mapping fields from related records from Aha to DevOps. In most cases, this would be parent/grandparent/great grandparent situations. For example, allowing a tag from an Aha feature to be mapped to a tag on a DevOps PBI. Another example would be the ability to map the Release name as a tag on a DevOps Feature and DevOps PBI.

We use Aha and the Azure DevOps integration with our scrum process. We are using releases, features, and requirements to map into DevOps, like I suspect most people do.

We have recently converted to syncing Releases to Epics in Azure because iterations are reserved for our sprint planning. This has underscored a mapping need we've had for some time. Our current setup is

  • Aha Release maps to DevOps Epics

  • Aha Feature maps to DevOps Feature

  • Aha Requirement maps to DevOps Product Backlog Item (PBI)

There is no easy way to see on a DevOps PBI (synced from Aha Requirement) the related Release/Epic it belongs to. In DevOps, you can configure some of the tiles to see parent fields, but not grandparent fields.

We also very commonly add information (i.e. tags, custom fields) on an Aha feature that is common to all requirements contained within.

Since our developers primarily work against PBIs, we would like the information from higher level records to be easily visible on the DevOps PBI

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