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Status Future consideration
Created by David I.
Created on Feb 7, 2024

Support AzureDevOps "work item deleted" events so my Aha records aren't out of date

Who would benefit?

Anyone who manages an Aha board that syncs with Azure DevOps (ADO)

What impact would it make?

It would reduce out-of-date information in Aha & on roadmaps from records that rely on the ADO integration for updates. Additionally, this would reduce the administrative burden of continually instructing team members that work out of ADO to stop deleting work items & use specific states.

How should it work?

When an Azure DevOps integration is setup for a workspace, there should be an option to establish how "work item deleted" events from ADO should be handled for the corresponding record in Aha.

I could imagine this being handled in the status/state field mapping configuration, where I would map an Aha status for deleted ADO records.

Alternatively, if there was a way to capture the event in a custom field, I could leverage an automation to update the corresponding Aha record's status.

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