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Created by Kelwin Y
Created on Nov 20, 2023

Provide ability to filter goals by time frame

Who would benefit?

Product Managers and Product Owners

What impact would it make?

Reduce clutter in goal selection lists by filtering out historical and deprecated goals when relating to records.

How should it work?

  • Goals have time frames. Annually, sometime quarterly, organizations defined new goals.

  • Over time, the list of goals will grow. Prior year or period goals will cease to apply to future roadmap changes.

  • Currently, goal selection list displays a list of all goals in the product hierarchy regardless of time frame. Over time, this list will become long and contain inactive goals from prior years.

  • We need a way to filter inactive goals from prior time periods to avoid selection to new roadmap items, e.g. goals, initiatives, releases and features.

  • Enable users to apply a time frame based filter when viewing and selecting goals when designating a rollup goal to a goal, or when relating a goal to an initiative, release or goal.

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  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Nov 21, 2023

    Hi @Guest . Thanks for reaching out! I believe what you are looking for can be accomplished by archiving the older timeframes. You can read more here.