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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 14, 2016

Time Frame for Goals should be propagated to Initiatives

If I have a Goal, with several initiatives, and the goal is slated for Q22016, then, by association, the Initiatives would also be planned for Q22016. It does not make a lot of sense (and it is just extra work) to have to then go in and find all Initiatives in each of the goals and then re-associate them!!!

I have an additional item to allow multiple time frames for a Goal or Initiative. It would work well this wtih idea, since you could automatically associate the Initiative with the Goal time frame, but also add an initiative time frame - perhaps a more detailed time frame, or even schedule it earlier than the goal so that the initiatives could be completed earlier.

Note on "I need it..."

I really need this soon. I find that "organizing" and sorting through goals, initiatives, features, etc is the most often used "UI" feature.. it's the thign that everyone must do all of the time, in order to gain focus on what is important now.. anything that makes this easier, is a huge plus.. anything that makes it tedius, i.e. having to go in an re-categorieze each Initiative to match it's associated goal.. that's just a darn waste of everyone's time.. so, yeah, I need it ASAP.. but, a Month sounds reasonable.

    Apr 6, 2016

    We have future plans for additional reporting around strategy elements which can allow you to easily see the relationships across your goals and initiatives.

    While we understand the desire for the specific request, we have also seen additional customer requests where Initiatives are shown in monthly time frames and goals are shown in quarterly time frames. At this time, we do not have plans to make additional revisions in this area based on current priorities and community feedback. We hope you can understand.

    Please also do stay tuned for future updates around additional reporting capabilities.

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