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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Karla Johnson
Created on Sep 13, 2022

Pass data in shared fields between objects through linked objects

We would like data to be passed using shared fields across objects the same way promoted objects work. Today, if a field (e.g UCMGID) exists with same API key in IDeas, Features, Epics etc, that data will be passed when the Idea is promoted.

What I'm looking for is to be able to do this in reverse. Often times EPICS or Features will be created from an initiative that is filled out and has needed information (e.g UCMGID). I'd want that UCMGID populated in the object created from that Initiative.

This would only make sense for the above situation, not when creating a generic feature/epic from the respective list views.


Will save time and reduce error when large initiatives have multiple capabilities/features created from it. This will insure Finance can traceback all objects to a UCMGID

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