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Status Future consideration
Created by William Judd
Created on Aug 22, 2022

Allow record owner to edit and delete other users' comments on that record.

In our use case, we manage work and collaboration using Comments in Aha records.

Many collaborators add comments and we are working with a large number of records.

To focus discussion, it would be helpful to be able to edit and delete comments, but this function is apparently only available to the Administrator role (

There are other situations when the ability for the record owner to edit another user's comment would be very helpful. For example, when the record owner is a project manager and comments come in from dozens of people working on that project, the project manager may need to correct or eliminate incorrect or outdated information. Reaching out individually to the users who own those comments is far more time-consuming. And some of them may no longer be employed here.

Another case is copying a relatively large number of records from another context, including the comments, and then wanting to prune the comments for purposes of focus.

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