Allow to remove public comments from ideas via API

We are just about to start using Aha! and thus have imported comments from our existing system into Aha! ideas which went perfectly fine. Though now we realized it doesn't make sense to have these comments public, but instead create them as private comments to be used internally. While we are able to read public idea comments from /api/v1/ideas/<ID>/idea_comments, we are not able to delete them.


Thus we'd like to be able to delete public idea comments via the API.


PS: Is there any way to e.g. remove all public comments via support until then? Removing public comments from 200 ideas otherwise could be heavy :-)

  • Frederik Born
  • Dec 15 2016
  • Likely to implement
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  • Brandon B commented
    June 07, 2017 18:32

    In our case, we would like the ability to mark comments as private and not show up for any non private user.  Much like how new ideas can be marked as private when you enter domains for an ideas portal configuration.  This way both ideas and comments on ideas can remain completely separate.  right now we have 2 portals.  one for internal and one for external.  however its a pain because some employees may post or comment on a customer private portal and we have to go back to remove it.