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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Gianmarco Spiga
Created on Jul 13, 2022

Epic filter on strategic roadmap

Strategic roadmaps are incredibly useful, thanks to the ability to drag epics/features, adjust timelines, and display dependencies. However, they lack a fundamental feature: the ability to filter by epics/features, which are a main recordtype displayed in that roadmap.

Here's why this is important: we have plenty of epics in the backlog which we want to "position" in time for internal purposes (e.g. resource planning). However, I don't necessarily want to show these to external stakeholders. One easy way to do that would be to have these features be in a "under consideration" status, which then gets filtered out for external-facing roadmaps. However, this is not possible in the strategic roadmap, which forces me to use a custom roadmap for this purpose.

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