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Created by Gianmarco Spiga
Created on Oct 15, 2020

Group features under epics in strategic roadmap

The strategic roadmap is an incredibly useful tool, thanks to the ability to quickly change feature timelines by dragging and dropping.

Currently, having both features and epics in the roadmap is confusing, as the features are not grouped under their epic, and therefore cannot be easily shown/hidden by expanding/collapsing the epic. This behavior is already available for epics/initiatives.

One can hide all epics, or all features, but this forces the user to hide all features not grouped in epics as well, which is not the desired result

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  • Guest
    May 2, 2023

    I really think this should be prioritized, as the teams accustomed to MS Project / Rally or Aha! detractors point out the lack of this feature as a show stopper to Aha! adoption.

  • Guest
    Feb 4, 2021

    I am an Atlassian Partner and I have a few clients that are interested in using AHA!.

    In almost all instances, the child/parent relationship is important to them when using Epics under the initiatives. Even though the Epics may belong to multiple initiatives, it would be great if the features that belong to a certain initiative had a tight relationship with the epics in the roadmap.

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