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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Max O.
Created on Oct 23, 2020

Epic filtering on Strategy Roadmaps

It would be really useful to be able to filter at the Epic level on the strategic roadmap. The current filters (i.e. release settings > show parking lot) only apply to the initiatives. For example, we have cases where items are in the parking lot (i.e. not yet planned for a specific release) but have been given initiatives for planning purposes. Because of this link, those unplanned items are shown on the roadmap without any way to hide them.

The strategic roadmap view is great but we are really struggling with this limitation. I'm sure we could probably create a custom roadmap as a workaround but they aren't as user-friendly or accessible as the default strategic roadmap.

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  • Matt Crawford
    Nov 17, 2023

    This would be very useful, please let us know if you can support!

  • Gianmarco Spiga
    Dec 8, 2021

    This! I would add that it's also useful with cross-workspace initiatives which are a common case - as described here:

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Allow master feature filters on a strategic roadmap

The strategic roadmap is great and exactly what we need, except the DETAIL is a master feature yet you can't add a master feature filter. For us its a deal breaker and we've been forced to create custom roadmaps to kind of get the same thing, but ...
Jason Hollis over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration