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Created by Gianmarco Spiga
Created on Dec 8, 2021

Filter epics by workspace in strategic roadmap

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We have parent initiatives in our business line, which split into (product-specific) child initiatives, which contain epics.

Take the following hierarchy:

Business Line Initiative
Product 1 initiative
Epic A
Epic B
Product 2 initiative
Epic C
Epic D

Right now if I want to visualize a strategic roadmap for the business line, I will see Business Line Initiative but that won't show the child initiatives or their epics. Note that this type of visualization is extremely useful to visualize dependencies across products/teams, and in general which work is being done across the org for a specific effort.

The only way for me to do that is to have Epics A-D all linked to the Parent Initiative, but still under their respective product workspaces, and delete the child initiatives. This is fine conceptually - however, it creates another problem: When I want to generate a strategic roadmap for Product 1, I can include initiatives from Business Line, including Business Line Initiative. This will show me (correctly), Epics A & B under that initiative, but will also show Epics C & D, which are underlated to Product 1. Note that, at this time, there seems to be no way to filter out epics by workspace in the strategic roadmap. ( This latter is probably another idea )While this is somewhat possible by building a custom roadmap, all the nice visualizations of hierarchical relationships, and the ability to edit timelines on the fly are lost.

Solving either of the issues highlighted above would be a huge help for organizations with larger product portfolios!

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