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Status Future consideration
Created by jessica howard
Created on Nov 12, 2021

Ability to disable comments on an individual idea basis

We use our ideas portal to proactively get feedback from our users on projects currently in design (round 1). We have a small window of time where comments can be submitted before that feedback is taken back to our design team. Once the updates are done we post them again to the portal to get final confirmation from our users (round 2).. again, the window to collect these comments is small before everything is moved to engineering for development.
PROBLEM: Currently a user can post a comment pertaining to round 1 at any time throughout the feedback/iteration process & there's no way to intuitively tell them 'With design team - not accepting feedback on this specific project at this time', so instead they submit the feedback & then have a bad client experience because their feedback wasn't taken into consideration.
REQUEST: Ability to turn Comments on &/or off on an individual idea basis. Always accepting comments on every idea can set the wrong expectation for clients.
Thank you for considering this change!

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