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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Brian Hemker
Created on Oct 28, 2021

Allow roll-up initiatives (Programs) to be created in the same workspace as subordinate initiatives (Projects)

I sometimes need to track multiple "Project" level initiatives that are part of a larger corporate "Program" level initiative. (Note: we also use "Product" level initiatives for work that does not cross lines of business) Although the projects are subordinate, and we need them to roll-up to their programs, they still often cross multiple Lines of Business so we manage them at the top of our product hierarchy. Aha! only allows projects to be rolled up if they are in a subordinate workspace.

My workaround is to:

1. Create both projects and programs at the top level of the hierarchy,

2. Temporarily move subordinate projects to a lower level where I roll them up,

3. Move them back to the top level.

The roll-up relationship does not display on the top level initiative layout but is available in reports. I have not experienced any negative implications of the workaround other than the time and hassle involved in adding or changing the roll-up, and wonder why it is not always an option to add or change to a roll-up initiative from the same workspace.

The process would be much simpler if the option to select a roll-up initiative was available on all initiative records (i.e. not only lower levels of the hierarchy) and would allow you to select a roll up initiative from either higher levels of the hierarchy or the existing workspace.

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