Roll up status for Product Line or even Company level initiatives

When I contacted support on this idea few months back, they said it's already requested by someone else and I just needed to vote on it and I did. However, the idea that got implemented in the hierarchy report where status is displayed is completely different from what we are asking.  So could you please consider/read it with patience? 

We have company level initiatives ("imperatives" in our terms) that need to be executed across all product lines and products. For example Mergers and Acquisitions.  These high-level initiatives, cascade into each product line and product levels. When we initially saw roll up functionality in Aha! we were excited thinking we can use it to link and roll up product level M&A initiatives to higher level to Product Line M&A initiative and so on all the way upto company level M&A initiative. However, when we run a report on initiative status, it does not "roll up" the status of child initiatives to parent product line initiatives.  All this "roll up" functionality establishes only the hierarchy but does not really "roll up" anything. 

So to reflect status at the higher level such as Product Line or Company level, we'd need an another headcount or a person to go in and update status. Person who'd own that responsibility would be Sr. Directors and VPs. Are we really expecting them to go in and manually set the status (rework), where the system could have automated it by actually rolling up from product level statuses?

So our Product Managers are using Clarizen to do it. 

  • Michael Zadda
  • Apr 13 2017
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