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Created by Alejandro Blaas
Created on Feb 1, 2016

Hierarchy in rolled up initiatives

When planning initiatives from a product line to the product, Aha will show both in the initiative roadmap (which is awesome), but it doesn't show a hierarchy of rolled up initiatives:

They both show at the same level.

As we can't order the initiatives in the chart, you lose the ability to show high level initiatives (at the product line) and show it's breakdown in product initiatives with their visual relationship.

    Apr 9, 2020

    Now you can customize the order of initiatives on the strategy roadmap. Just drag and drop initiatives into the order you need. Check out the blog post for more details.

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  • Max Cascone
    Jan 9, 2017

    Agree, this creates a lot of confusion to the chart which reduces its effectiveness.

  • Guest
    May 9, 2016

    I will duplicate my comment on here:

    With the recent improvements to Initiatives, I have clients ready to use them for management reporting, but right now it's impossible to show them the initiative hierarchy on one page. This could be done in the initiative roadmap view (per, in some configuration screen analagous to the product line config (great for organizing but how to include in a notebook?) or by allowing the right kind of view in a pivot report (I found this Idea after spending an hour wrestling with pivot reports trying to do this: it works okay for 2 levels but if you have 3 it is very confusing)

    In the mean time here I find myself clicking through a client's Aha instance documenting their initiative hierarchy manually.