Configure initiative hierarchy

1. Similar to product / product hierarchy, it would be great to be able to define the initiative hierarchy in 1 view. In our case, we have defined initiatives at product line- / product-levels. It'd be great to be able to view / edit the whole structure, similar to the product line view under Settings.

2. On the features list view, it appears that I can only display / filter by initiatives of the current product, not the parent product lines. I think it'd be super useful to be able to find all features that below to a rolled-up initiative, and then include them in the notebook for presentation.




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  • Jan 27 2015
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  • joost boerhout commented
    January 20, 2016 21:57

    Totally!  This is so necessary, it is hard to work without this.

  • Paul Edge commented
    May 09, 2016 04:36

    With the recent improvements to Initiatives, I have clients ready to use them for management reporting, but right now it's impossible to show them the initiative hierarchy on one page. This could be done in the initiative roadmap view (per, in some configuration screen analagous to the product line config (great for organizing but how to include in a notebook?) or by allowing the right kind of view in a pivot report (I found this Idea after spending an hour wrestling with pivot reports trying to do this: it works okay for 2 levels but if you have 3 it is very confusing)

    In the mean time here I find myself clicking through a client's Aha instance documenting their initiative hierarchy manually.