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Status Future consideration
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Created by Brett Wilmeth
Created on Nov 11, 2022

Be able to select other record types from the new Roll-Up type.

We love the new Roll-up feature that allows you to link several roll-up levels to each other. One issue we are running into is being able to link other record types to the roll-up records. For example, when I create a pivot report, set the primary record type to initiative, and then link other records, you see all other record types. See image 1. However, if you add a roll-up initiative, and then try to add records to that, your only option is another roll-up initiative. See image 2. Our hierarchy has 3 levels. Company - Division - Product. We set goals and initiatives at the company level, and then set linked initiatives at the division and product levels. I want to create a pivot report that shows me all the initiatives grouped by the company goal. In order to do this, it seems we either need to be able to add more record types to the roll-ups or... we need a Roll-down option. If I was able to set the primary record as the goal, and then link the initiative, and then add roll-down to the other initiatives, that would also work. See image 3. As a workaround, we have to link all 3 levels of initiatives up to the company line goal.

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  • Guest
    May 19, 2023

    I have a very similar setup and a very similar issue. You can use the hierarchy view to build this up instead, but it's definitely not as visually user friendly as the roadmap or pivot view.