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Status Future consideration
Categories Product
Created by Lina Lawrence
Created on Jan 26, 2021

Allow terminology change for 'custom tables'

We are trying to enhance the use of projects and have been trying to encourage users to do all of their work in Aha! rather than off system. One thing that Aha! does not do by default is allow logging of risks.

To work around, I have created a custom table and then created a many to many relationship to allow an Epic or Feature/Task to be linked to the record in the custom table.

Unfortunately, users are confused because they have to go to 'custom tables' from the overview menu.

If there was a way to update the 'custom table' label, it would greatly assist with the user experience.

Even better would to be allow custom tables to be added to any of the navigation menus, so that I can keep my competitor battle cards with strategy, my risks with the work being done etc.

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