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Keep multiple features in sync

For mobile feature development its very common to have the same feature implemented multiple times on different platforms. Its quite difficult to managed this currently in Aha I'm having to copy the original feature and then replace the descriptio...
Darrell Massie almost 5 years ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Export and import strategic model templates

It would help to be able to share a created strategic model template between Aha! accounts. Once a strategic model template has been created it could be shared by, exporting to a file and then importing into the destination account.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Create release out of TFS

Add a feature that allows the create and run release without need to enter TFS, take an action by email or another channel
Guest almost 5 years ago in Application 0 Already exists

Add Loading Indicator to Public Roadmap

We have embedded our public roadmap in an iframe (e.g. see but it loads for quite a while and the user might think something is broken because for a couple of seconds nothing is displayed on the iframe.
Guest over 9 years ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Log in button not visible

Log in button not visible to a new user when he/she first visits the portal. It is below "filter by categories" section and hard to locate. Can log in button be below "add a new idea" button or on the top of the page so its visible to the new users
aamli agarwal almost 5 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Have features push a status to a field in Jira when deleted

As a product manager I would like the ability to keep track of which items in JIRA/AHA have been deleted in each system. I know Aha! will not likely implement a feature to delete issues in Jira when respective items are deleted in Aha! However it ...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Really would like to see a filter on the Trello integration added.

We've setup Trello integration at a user level, however I get notices for any user adding or modifying work items in Trello. I would really love to only see Trello notices on items I own on the Trello side.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Automatically populate certain fields from an idea submission when promoting to feature or master feature

There is certain information that we need in a feature or master feature card which exists from the original idea submissision. We would like the ability to set certain fileds to copy through when promoting the idea. This avoids having to re-enter...
Dan Jeffery almost 5 years ago in Features 4 Already exists

Remove the ability for alternative sign-in after SSO is enabled

We need to enable Multifactor SSO for our enterprise by April 2020. We would like the ability to remove the alternative means of signing in. Is it possible to move the "Log in with email and password" now that SSO is enabled? If we can disable tha...
Marina Reyna almost 5 years ago in Account settings 1 Already exists

REST API should support discovery of custom fields

We have REST API to extract data for analytics. If we had metadata for custom fields the API code could could extract custom fields without additional coding every time a field was added or changed.
Guest almost 5 years ago in  1 Already exists