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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created by Ross Reynolds (External)
Created on Apr 5, 2016

Features Not Sorted by Rank in Reports!

Hey Guys, Just submitting this as a Bug / Usability issue that keeps coming up and is really a blocker for us in product planning meetings.

We use the Initiatives by Quarter view in Reports, and our executives like it.  However, everyone is annoyed that the features never get sorted by PRIORITY.  Instead, we have a mish-mash of alphabetical features.  Just seems like a core product feature.  As PMs, if we can't show feature priority, we can't do our job.  This is the best screen to show the breakdown from Goal->Initiative->Feature by timing and priority.  

See the picture below to see what I mean.  Seems like a quick, but valuable enhancement.  

Please help us out on this one when you can prioritize it.  


    Apr 5, 2016

    The initiative drawer shows all features (across multiple releases) which are associated with the Initiative. As you had described, this list is currently shown in alphabetical order.

    Because the features can cover multiple releases, we show this list in alphabetical order (as opposed to feature rank -- as feature rank is more relevant when looking at a single release).

    One potential workaround to show a prioritized set of features can be done through the Reports Pivot page. From here, you can sort based on the Aha! score (a measure of priority) to show the features in priority order.

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  • Ross Reynolds (External)
    Apr 6, 2016

    Thanks for the response.  I tried the workaround you recommended in the Pivot reports.  I could not get the ideas to change their sorting based on rank or Aha! score in the report.  I'm not sure if that's a feature request or a support issue, but I'd love to fix it.  We keep dancing around this whenever stakeholders ask us to dig into major project scope during a meeting.  Totally get the data model issues here.  If I were you, I would offer an option to sort by:


    As a general UI Principal, anytime you sort features outside of the PM's priority order, it creates some confusion.  

    The new feature card capability is helpful.  At least now we can see initiatives and other key data in the backlog view.