I’d like the ability to rank my features in the Feature List view not just the Feature Board view.

Ranking in the Feature List provides more real estate which will speed up the prioritization process.

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  • Apr 26 2017
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    Austin Merritt commented
    April 30, 2017 20:50

    Hi Eugene, thank you for the idea. We currently don't allow re-ranking on the Features -> List view due to a bit of a trade off between being able to sort items and rank them. Can you help us understand what it is about the Features -> List compared to the Features -> Board that would make it easier for prioritization?

    I will mark this idea Unlikely to implement for now but we will leave it open for additional feedback.


  • C Gordon commented
    May 31, 2018 14:47


    I'll give some feedback. I have over 250 items in a parking lot release on my feature board (it is my backlog list). The sorting isn't that functional when you have that many items. When I worked in AgileZen in my previous job, I could manage my backlog in a list format or a card format. There were quick action option available with right clicking to move the item to the front, move to the back, or move to a particular place (either by typing the place in the ordered list or searching for a particular item and allowing it to be placed before or after it).

    With so many items I often can't get the "move to bottom" ghost card action to appear on the board. It will only show the place in between ghost card action. I'm happy to screenshare so you can see. (I love the ability to have multiple columns/releases in the parking lot area.)