Enable sorting options for Features within the Initiative view

As a product manager, I need to customize sorting of features within an initiative so that they appear in an order that makes sense.  Today, they sort alphabetically and I cannot change it.  (Go to Strategy > Initiative then open an initiative that has more than one feature within it.)

At a minimum, sorting should follow whatever was established within the Features > Details view. 

  • Tom Beck
  • Mar 8 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    September 06, 2017 16:00

    In my team's opinion, they should be sorted by rank by default. The same goes for features under initiatives within a Hierarchy Report...

  • Theo Lister commented
    December 04, 2017 11:46

    My current team's workaround is to precede titles with numerals - would be keen to see this implemented so we can skip this step. 

  • Ravish Sikha commented
    February 01, 2019 21:42

    This is a must have. Observe the Use Case I am handling which makes this absolute importance:

    1. I need to include feedback of at least 4 stakeholders and all the conversations should be documented

    2. The list of each comment (if used as a conversation) would add a long list.

    3. Since an initiative can have Master Feature, Tasks and then To-Do and then Comments, the list goes on and on.

    Please implement at the earliest.

  • philippe de alberti commented
    June 20, 2019 22:33

    Must have here as well. Difficult to fully leverage the initiatives feature for each team without this 

  • Jill Collins commented
    August 21, 2019 18:28

    Would like to have similar sorting ability added for master features, releases too - in fact, whenever there is a list of items displayed in the drawer. 

    Need to have more options than hard coded 'case sensitive alphabetical by record name'.