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Stories associated with Master Features when in the Parking lot

At present within the Planned Parking Lot you can see either the Stories or the Master Features. It would be good to have a third option of seeing both stories without Master Stories and Master Stories (excluding the stories) within an Ordered Pla...
Guest over 4 years ago in  3 Future consideration

Improve the navigation between ideas

Hi, Easy improvement, but game-changer... When I work a list of ideas, I find it difficult to navigate through the records. I know I have to view all records one after the other, in order to review or change some data. Once I am done with a reco...
Benoit WAMBERGUE over 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Product Snap Shot - save a point-in-time plan

I know that I can undo individual actions, but I'd really like to be able to take a snap shot of a product (release, features, etc) and save it, so that I can revert to that version with a single click. A notebook can show me a point in time, but ...
Guest over 9 years ago in Application 1 Already exists

Ability to add idea submitters as watchers on features in the roadmap.

My idea submitters do not show up in the list of watchers for features. This is a major issue for me because I wont be able to notify them of changes to something they are interested in.
J. Mile over 9 years ago in Features 2 Already exists

Update so only admins can create new workspaces

Everyone would benefit from this update. It's nice that product owners can only create products withing their product line. However, on a related topic they should not be able to create a new workspace. The creation of a workspace should only come...
Guest over 4 years ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Extend Salesforce integration to Service Cloud.

No description provided
Guest over 9 years ago in Integrations 1 Already exists

Notebook names

Notebooks created by user should be rename-able.
Guest over 9 years ago in Presentations 3 Already exists

"Expand all comments" option for To-dos.

Add an "expand all comments" option for To-dos under Feature List card details.
Guest over 9 years ago in To-dos 0 Already exists

estimate certainty

We have several ways of estimating potential roadmap items: Provisional - T-shirt size not based on much info High level - someone has sat down and thought about it for half an hour based on some assumptions Detailed - a BA has spent a decent ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

When converting features to releases, leave traceability like with idea promotion, and close original item

It would be very useful for me to be able to see the original item that gets converted, ie a feature to a release, or vice versa. This is a great feature that you can do this in the first place, but my team would get a lot of use out of having the...
Guest over 4 years ago in Releases 1 Future consideration