Adding User Stories from Inside an Initiative should prioritize Releases mapped to the Initiative

We coach our PO's to work from inside Initiatives. When you click the add story +, the release defaults to the top of the list of active releases - this has caused a bit of chaos, as PO's don't notice, or when they do, the UI to scroll down to find the release name can be a bit twitchy when you're operating in a slide out (we've quite a number of releases running right now.) What I'd like to see is if we've, say, 5 release mapped to that initiative, those 5 appear at the top, then there's a demarcation line, and then the list as you currently display - releases listed below their parent Product.

  • Harrison Lynch
  • May 31 2016
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Jun 4, 2016

    Admin Response

    Thank you for the request. At this time, the user stories (features) are listed in alphabetical order as this is the easiest way to quickly find and recognize items from the list.

    While we understand your use case that it may be initially hard to find upon adding new items, the alphabetical sort makes it easier to find upon returning to this page over time.

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